Sourvein CD review [Southern Lord]

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Sourvein CD review [Southern Lord]
Oct 1, 2002, 03:47


SOURVEIN Will To Mangle CD

That moment when a truly transcendent HEAVY song hits you—the feral and virulent rage, the behemoth lunge of guitars cranked beyond recognition, the crushing force of rhythms that sound simultaneously like your pulse racing in sheer terror and like an army of massive machines crawling lugubriously closer—is unbeatable. Be it Black Flag, Melvins, Black Sabbath, Sleep, Void, Motorhead, Laughing Hyenas or any other legendary variant of monolithic rock, it's an addicting high. That's why, it seems, that this style of music will be around forever—because we need that rush.

Sourvein is a hot Bay Area monstrosity featuring former 13 guitarist Liz Buckingham and former Buzz-oven screamer, T-Roy that strives after that same rush. With the production assistance of Billy Anderson, Will To Mangle is an intense blast. But, while the musicianship, sound and urgency is all there, the unhinged desperation that makes the classic heavy songs great is not quite apparent. Sure, that's a lot to ask, but bands that aim to sound heavy ought to have a scorched Earth policy. Sourvein seems to be screeching to the converted rather than seeking pure musical annihilation. [Southern Lord]

-Dave Clifford

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