Tandy CD review [Gammon]

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Tandy CD review [Gammon]
Oct 29, 2002, 06:29

TANDY The Lowdown 1997 – 2002 CD

Led by a former Butthole Surfers' roadie (Mike Ferrio), this NYC quartet doesn't even come close to Ferrio's former employer. Rooted in the pop side of the alt-country scene, Tandy collects the best of their seven-year output onto the 16-track The Lowdown. What you get is a tasteful collection of introspective songs that bounce between great and boring. That's the unfortunate thing about Tandy is that they're painfully boring. There's nothing that really stands out or sets them apart from dozens of other bands making the same music. Don't get me wrong, there are some stand-out tracks that hold your attention and make Tandy a worthy competitor, but those tracks can't hold up an entire record. And a lot of The Lowdown sounds the same. The other annoying piece of Tandy is that there are people who would like you to believe that Ferrio's writing ranks up there with Dylan and Springsteen, but that's just flat-out bullshit. I'm tired of publicists throwing around those references when it comes to singer/songwriters. My best guess is that the publicists haven't listened to much Dylan or early Springsteen and if they have they need to go back and listen more carefully and face the reality that their singer/songwriter here isn't even in the same building when it comes to the accomplishments they're comparing to. Both Ferrio and Tandy have a long way to go before we even start to talk about a resumé that reads like Dylan and Springsteen. [Gammon]

-Troy Brookins

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