The Agenda CD review [Kindercore]

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The Agenda CD review [Kindercore]
Sep 14, 2002, 16:00


THE AGENDA! Start the Panic CD

The stated agenda of this garage rock outfit is to get an audience to “dance to the sound of right now!” which put simply is a stew of heard-it-before sixties retreading spiced up with dashes of Mudhoney's raw rock sound, some mugging and strutting borrowed from The Stones, a smear of hardcore fury, and a vocalist that moves from Johnny Thunders' forceful bluster to outright howling banshee and back. One may be tempted to file it with the zillion or so other neo-garage acts populating the countryside who rely on the same set up (big drums, farting and wheezing keyboard behind heavy guitar, sing-along choruses, rawk! attitude, etc.), but there's a bit more substance here than the rest, and although the songwriting isn't genius, it's at least varied enough to remain interesting for a half hour. The sound of right now is certainly worth dancing to. [Kindercore]

-Bo Pogue

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