The Distraction CD review [Dirtnap]

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The Distraction CD review [Dirtnap]
Sep 17, 2002, 02:35



Yet more fans of the Ramones/Clash/Sex Pistols axis from Orange County? Must be something in the water. Or, maybe something in the Hot Topic catalog. Whatever the case, The Distraction has its sound down cold, and it's an odd but well-played synthesis of Ramones chunky bar-chord bubblegum and the chopping anthems of early Clash with high-pitched, snotty vocals that sound like a prepubescent Olga from the Toy Dolls and/or Howard Devoto of Buzzcocks/Magazine. The album runs its course of 14-songs in about 27 minutes, the way punk rock was meant to be. But, the utterly lame and stereotypical Mod-meets-Website cover art is an horrendous abomination. Or, should I say, distraction? [Dirtnap]

-Dave Clifford

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