The Evil That Men Do DVD review

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The Evil That Men Do DVD review
Mar 19, 2002, 04:12

THE EVIL THAT MEN DO directed by J. Lee Thompson; Columbia TriStar, 1984

So what gives with this Charles Bronson flick, recently reissued on DVD? The residuals from Death Wish run out?

Could be.

The production for The Evil That Men Do is low by even Bronson standards. And that's the secret charm of this film.

Made in Mexico, it casts Bronson as a hit man who comes out of retirement when a friend of his is brutally murdered by a right-wing hit quad in some unnamed Central American country. (Could be any number of them, given the U.S.'s longstanding role in supporting murderers who also happen to be the good guys).

Sure Bronson is stiff in his demeanor and stilted in his dialogue. But, somehow, it works. Maybe it's because it was made in Mexico and has all the low-rent attributes of such a production. Bronson, this time around, isn't just a horrible actor acting alone. He's surrounded by an inept cast of sadists, thugs and rapists—in effect making this an atmospheric film about how man is capable of evil when he is incapable of acting evil (or any kind of acting, for that matter).

The ineptitude reaches a grand crescendo where everyone is a two-bit goon. And, somehow, some way, it all makes sense even when it doesn't. Upon first glance, you might think that the release of this films means that everything indeed has finally been reissued on DVD. But after a dozen or so blood-curdling but ultimately ridiculous death scenes, you might think otherwise.

-John Petkovic

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