The Flaming Stars CD review [Alternative Tentacles]

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The Flaming Stars CD review [Alternative Tentacles]
Oct 1, 2002, 03:46



The most unfortunate thing about The Flaming Stars is that they're stuck on Alternative Tentacles; essentially buried by a label that focuses its attention on Jello's rambling politics and East Bay punk. I don't think AT really knows what to do with a band that shares more common ground with Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds than The Ex. This being their first proper record for AT—last year's Ginmill Perfume was a collection of previously released material—finds The Flaming Stars steeped in somber tones that barely rise above a whisper. A lounge act for the desperate and dissatisfied. Singer, former Gallon Drunk drummer, Max Decharne guides us through twisted tales of love, hard luck, and the seedy underside of life. If this all sounds too familiar it doesn't matter because Decharne and his cast of characters carve out a sound that is uniquely their own. [Alternative Tentacles]

-Troy Brookins

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