The Glory-Holes CD review [Dirtnap]

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The Glory-Holes CD review [Dirtnap]
Oct 29, 2002, 05:19



It certainly must help this Seattle quartet to have album artwork drawn by Hate comic book artist/writer Peter Bagge, and its second album engineered, mixed and mastered by Jack Endino. But, as garage-tarded rock goes, The Glory Holes are at least a brain cell or two above its brethren. Fast paced, sing-along riffing similar to other northwest luminaries, The Derelicts, Zip Gun, Fall-Outs and The Mono Men. Although none of the 13 tracks herein stand out as something entirely unique or earth-shattering, the thrill is somewhat analogous to the anonymous bathroom stall blow job hole of its namesake: impersonal, sloppy, risky, indistinguishable and a quick relief without expectation of ever meeting again. [Dirtnap]

-Dave Clifford

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