The Warlocks CD review [Birdman]

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The Warlocks CD review [Birdman]
Nov 12, 2002, 21:21


The Warlocks are a cliché bordering on a waste-of-time, and I'd hate them passionately if it weren't for the fact that Phoenix Album is more memorable and fun than it has any right to be. Let's face it, the West Coast psychedelic junkie throwback thing is stale and it doesn't matter how much squelch abrasion you cake on, you're still just shuffling along rehashing stupid Spacemen 3 lyrics about how you're losing touch with your mind and such other ridiculous nonsense. The Warlocks, no doubt, are taking drugs to make music to take drugs to: two songs here bear titles in which the word Dope figures prominently and “nods” to other controlled substances make frequent cameos throughout. Yawn and yawn again. That said, their vocal melodies are top-notch, the guitar parts understated and catchy, and especially considering the size of the group (11 people this outing, including Sonic Boom; live it's typically a group of 6-8) the feedback and noise levels actually complement rather than overpower everything. The songs are all good to great, and if they had cut out some of the needless meandering “studio experimentation” stuff at the end this might have been as perfect a record as has been made in this tired old genre in many a moon. Instead, the stoned guys on stage just keep indulging themselves with amp noise for far too long; you get bored, go home, and concentrate on the parts that weren't stupid. [Birdman]

-David Wilcox 

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