Thee More Shallows CD review

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Thee More Shallows CD review
Jul 12, 2005, 21:24


As I continue to get older, I continue to get more jaded, finding it harder to discover music that touches and inspires. The fact that there are invariably (only) a few records each year that hit me where I live is what keeps my faith in new music alive. More Deep Cuts from Thee More Shallows is one of those rare few and is—in my humble opinion—one of the most special treats from 2005.

Darkly sweet and beautiful, this follow-up to the bands' 2002 debut, A History of Sport Fishing, More Deep Cuts offers a rich tapestry full of plaintive, aching melodies reminiscent of the best work from The For Carnation, Iron and Wine and Low. Some of the passages seem more filmic than song-based, and remind me of the delicate soundscapes crafted by Yo La Tengo in their most eerily fragile moments. Not afraid to mix violin, French horn, and even singing saw, TMS' explorations are intimate, sensitive and textured. More Deep Cuts has a richly gorgeous melancholy, one that demands that you be engaged when you listen; otherwise the subtlety contained on the disc might slip quietly by. [Turn]

~Daniel House

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