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By Dave Clifford
Nov 4, 2003, 16:03

Satan would never have anything to do with metal. Please stop trying to tarnish his sinister image by claiming to be aligned in some hedonistic pact. Satan represents subtlety, trickery and finesse—something that “satanic” grind bands like Akercocke are woefully lacking. Sure, any devilish gent loves grandiose overtures, and some black metal bands expertly capture the transcendent power of the emotions. But by and large, there's nothing seductive about clicking double-bass drums, growling vocals and chuggity guitars—that's fodder for miserable Christians to flog themselves to. Akercocke consider themselves clever and/or informed of the occult in their bio's claim to be “well groomed, high cultured, slightly eccentric and very English gentlemen.” However, posing wearing tuxedos in fancy cars and putting naked women on the cover doesn't make their music any more “satanic” than the other misguided Christians playing blaspheming metal. Leave Satanism out of it, Akercocke—you're just another pedestrian grindcore band that throws in a few “spooky” parts for good measure. [Earache]

-Dave Clifford

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