Angels of Light CD review [Young God]

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Angels of Light CD review [Young God]
Mar 4, 2003, 16:41

ANGELS OF LIGHT Everything is Good Here/Please Come Home CD

M. Gira has never been one to shirk the burdens of servility; particularly when functioning as his own taskmaster as on the Angels of Light's Everything Is Good/Please Come Home. Other than the corporeal karate chops that drive the belabored, dirt sucking “All Soul's Rising”; Gira's suffering is of a surrogate nature and divulged via lyrics that depict the clarity and tragedy of lives that are lived on perilous peaks of extreme indifference. The direct focus of Gira's deceptively deadpan vocals is further sharpened by the stark, shimmering accompaniment provided by acoustic guitar, banjo, dulcimer, harp, vibes and electric bass. The absence of a standout, signature song and the lengthy, monotone selections that accumulate near the end of the disc make Everything Is Good Here/Please Come Home seem more homogenous than it is; but those who are familiar with other Gira led projects (Swans, Body Haters, Body Lovers) may see this as an intentional strategy.  The embracement of emptiness and oblivion brought upon by deep sleep may not lend itself to a permanent respite from struggle as readily as the music on Everything Is Good Here/Please Come Home implies; but Gira's music surely makes it seem like an attractive option. [Young God]

-Jeffrey L. Ouch

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