Bee & Flower CD review [Neurot]

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Bee & Flower CD review [Neurot]
Feb 25, 2003, 17:39


BEE & FLOWER What's Mine is Yours CD

Angels of Light bassist and film music composer Dana Schechter leads this lovely laconic Brooklyn quintet. I hate to use the term “cinematic” (it sounds like a movie!) but there are passages here filled with such controlled drama and flowing crescendos that it clearly lends itself to imagining scenes of noble desperation. At times, Schechter's soft vocals are reminiscent of Thalia Zadek's (Come, UZI, Live Skull) androgenous lull, or even—forgive this yucky comparison—Shirley Manson of Garbage (though the music is a far cry from that band's “alternative” wank). The songs have multiple, subtle hooks that will get caught in your head. I've had this album in an earlier demo form for over a year now, and have found its choruses and little vocal riffs popping up in my head at the most random times, inviting repeated listens. The music varies from lush layers to sparse murmurs, depending on each carefully crafted song's mood. Similar to Angels of Light, Bee & Flower uses antique folk instrumentation (glockenspiel, lap steel, violin, etc) to create a different brand of flowing, droning melody. Since this album is nearly two years old, I'm curious to hear more recent material. But, Schechter has kept busy touring with several other artists and composing soundtracks, so for now we'll have to take what we can get. [Neurot]

-Dave Clifford

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