Blacktop CD review [In The Red]

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Blacktop CD review [In The Red]
Aug 19, 2003, 17:48


BLACKTOP I Got A Baaad Feelin' About This: The Complete Recordings CD

“I hate all heroin users on general principles,” writes Mick Collins, in reference to a certain ex-band mate who, by most accounts, single-handedly destroyed his first post-Gories group. “If you're a heroin user, I hate you. Die now. You all stink.” If these sentiments—the parting shot of perhaps the most personally disgusted liner notes ever written—are any indication, this deluxe reissue of Blacktop's only studio album and errant 7”-sides is not exactly something Collins wants celebrated. What's past is past, and anything Blacktop did well—which was just about everything—he revisited with either The Screws or The Dirtbombs. That said, Blacktop was still one nasty, noisy bit of garage stomp, with unbelievably great guitar playing as unhinged as anything slung out by Pat Place on the early Contortions records. The reissue stacks twelve bonus tracks on top of the original fourteen, nearly all recorded during one 5-day session in the summer of 1994. There are a couple of lackluster cuts, but they're more than compensated for by standouts like “Your Pretty Face (Is Going to Waukeegan),” “Blazing Streets,” “Tornado Love,” and a cover of Capt. Beefheart's “Here I Am I Always Am.” Anyhow, it's a damn shame about Blacktop; shrug your shoulders and enjoy. [In The Red]

-David Wilcox

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