Bloodthirsty Lovers CD review [French Kiss]

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Bloodthirsty Lovers CD review [French Kiss]
Mar 4, 2003, 18:08



If the Bloodthirsty Lovers just dropped out of the sky, it'd still be a very promising new band. So, the value of the Memphis trio's elegant synth-pop has little to do with the fact that singer/guitarist David Shouse also fronted the legendary lo-fi blues-revisionists The Grifters and Those Bastard Souls. Rather, that fact illustrates that Shouse and the equally-thirsty other lovers have a well-worn knowledge of song craft that they use to refreshingly new and powerful effect while creating sounds similar to the laconic dance rock of the Stone Roses, Charlatans and Ride. The band is even more entrancing and engaging live than on this fine self-titled debut, but here we're afforded a strong vision of the pop craft that seemed buried under Shouse's previous efforts. [French Kiss]

-Dave Clifford

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