Charles Caldwell CD review [Fat Possum]

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Charles Caldwell CD review [Fat Possum]
Feb 24, 2004, 20:50



Caldwell died of cancer in September, 2003, leaving some damn fine R.L.-like recording behind. The liner notes by Matthew Johnson, the head of the brilliant Fat Possum Records, are alone worth the price of admission.

“Since 1975, Charles Caldwell had worked for Heathcraft Industries in Grenada, Mississippi. All the industrial fans lying in the weeds at the edge of his property as well as the newer working ones under his carport had been made there. Once or twice a week, Charles would meet us at the studio after work. We got to know each other at these sessions. Eighteen months after the day we met, Charles would qualify for full pension benefits, and by then I hoped he would be ready to go out on a short tour… Charles had never been paid cash for playing at parties, Instead he got to drink all he could for free.”

His notes are part eulogy and part biography. And the music is pure Possum blues, with a big drum smacking behind the Delta. [Fat Possum]


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