Corporation 187 CD review [Earache]

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Corporation 187 CD review [Earache]
Feb 11, 2003, 00:37

CORPORATION 187 Perfection In Pain CD

Much of Perfection In Pain is an excellent sonic tableau of the functioning and consequences of 21st century digital war making; double kick drums pound throughout in relentless, rapid-firing automatic-weapon style, while guitars punch out an equally unremitting crumpling counterpoint. Vocals are one ongoing shriek of anger and anguish. All this is excellent for setting a mood, tone, atmosphere sorta thing, but creating or expressing song structures per se just ain't the point. And that's how the album starts out.

Proceeding through Perfection In Pain, their tactics begin shifting. The title track opens with screaming ziggedy-zag guitar riffing, ala Ride the Lightning era Metallica, and keeps that as a sub-current throughout. Likewise “2nd Pain” fortifies and diversifies its cumulative impact by threading more shark-baited hooks through its gist. “Violated Relation” marks a major departure with the drumming flipping over into that wonderful reversed tape sound of classic thrash punk. In fact, the whole second half of Perfection in Pain boasts a number of fairly song-like tracks, quite distinctive in shape and varying bar-by-bar, as opposed to the monolithic-tone of the first few tracks. A whole album of the former would be very nice. As it is, this is a promising start. [Wicked World/Earache]

-Howard W.

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