Country Teasers CD review [In The Red]

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Country Teasers CD review [In The Red]
Aug 19, 2003, 22:21


COUNTRY TEASERS Secret Weapon Revealed At Last CD

B.R. Wallers of Country Teasers has been telling anyone who would listen for the last eight years: “Crypt Records My Ass, We Are Not A Fucking Garage Band.” Their stateside audience never seemed to get the picture, which is why as recently as a year or two ago you could still show up early for a Teasers show and catch the worst bar band in your township in the support slot. Having presumably lost their patience altogether, the group (CT still functions as one, though Wallers handles recording duties by himself) has now unleashed said “secret weapon,” a collection of 4-track recordings made since the 1999 release of Destroy All Human Life, in an attempt to get their point across once and for all. Having forcefully cut himself off from the pressures and boredom associated with the formal record industry (as articulated on the new track “Boycott The Studio,” his statement of intent), Wallers can truly do just about whatever he wants, which means this record finds the threatening Pussy Galore-tinged country gospel of earlier records colliding with off-center pop melodies, layers upon layers of overdubbed drum machines, and the wonders of the Nintendo Gameboy synthesizer program Nanoloop. As for the lyrics, they're not as nasty as on previous releases; the record does lack a tour-de-force track like “It Is My Duty” or “Women And Children First.” Wallers is getting older, dare I say more sensitive? A few tracks, in particular “Success” and “Life Is A Rehearsal” (one of the best Teasers songs ever, it should be noted), are actually sweet in spite of their lasciviousness, reflecting on life-long failures and regrets while still lusting after Anna Kournikova in the former and an unspecified warm vagina on a cold evening in the latter. The humor is less stridently offensive, more bizarre, as on the track “Wizmo,” a cross between Butthole Surfers and the phone pranks of Longmont Potion Castle, and on “Man v. Cock,” a back-and-forth verbal battle between man's two heads that culminates in a Shakespeare quotation. On the whole, Secret Weapon is the most decisive step yet by Country Teasers into the realm of the sonically weird. Perhaps people will ignore it, old fans may just continue screaming for the band to play “Panty Shots.” Which is fine. But to do so is to overlook the progress of a man who is, in all honesty, one of the most underrated and stridently original personalities in modern music. And that is no joke. [In The Red]

-David Wilcox

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