Dead Low Tide CD review [Tiger Style]

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Dead Low Tide CD review [Tiger Style]
Oct 7, 2003, 01:58



Put simply, Dead Low Tide was my favorite band during its brief existence. I had the incredible fortune of opening for them with my own band on a three-week tour and it was the only group I'd ever needed to watch every single night. Dead Low Tide had risen from icy, distant waters to prove that heavy rock could be smart, complicated and different. It proved that all musical ideas hadn't been exhausted. It proved that Kraftwerk, Casper Brotzman, Black Sabbath and the Melvins were all tuned in to the same pure essence of power and DLT had somehow harnessed that kinetic energy. Dead Low Tide was a magical yet mercurial synthesis of ideas and personalities. Perhaps its curious volatile strength stemmed from the proverbial rebound relationship—vocalist Spencer Moody, guitarist Nate Manny, drummer Coady Willis and roadie Gabe immediately reconvened after the break-up of the Murder City Devils while former Enemymine and Godheadsilo bass wizard Mike Kunka met them all further than halfway. Moody's marvelously descriptive and evocative conversational lyrics communicate volumes of remorseful thoughts from any number of imagined protagonists with the simplest of lines reminiscent of Raymond Chandler or Film Noir's implicit doom. I particularly love “Caught between yards with the neighbor's stereo/ When we still had the use of my dad's car/ You had a closet full of skirts/ Malign, malign/ You're my killer queen/ Earth angel/ Hold me down.” Detached from the songs, the lyrics seem strangely vague, but Moody manages to capture a desperate, descriptive context fitting of the music's urgency. Likewise, the group's subtle chord structures create a ferocious sound that doesn't fit comfy marketing categories. It is a destructive, eruptive and seminal sound that likely will be trampled by every last retro-bullshit wave imaginable. Those of you with faith that the rock cannon and the poetic tradition are not yet exhausted, Dead Low Tide is/was the band that briefly shone a light on the path toward our redemption: give ourselves up to that which we love and the truth will speak for itself. [Tiger Style]

-Dave Clifford

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