Dirt Bike Annie CD review [Dirtnap]

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Dirt Bike Annie CD review [Dirtnap]
Feb 4, 2003, 20:10

DIRT BIKE ANNIE It Ain't Easy Bein' Single CD

Ain't nothing wrong with the fundamental bubble-punk M.O.: render a short, catchy tune at high velocity, obvious ferocity and sonic brio and—wham-o—that's some good rockin'! The Ramones invented it and countless others used it productively. The problem ensues when the influences drawn upon are from within that genre itself, exclusively producing a great mass of thoroughly homogenized, faceless, TRL-worthy predictability—and to those with spikier tastes—boring as fug hubbub. Hell, the Ramones weren't referencing The Damned (not the good shit at least) but rather The Searchers, Ronettes, Trashmen et al for the tunes, and Stooges, MC5, Velvet Underground etc for the aural tumult. Meanwhile the mighty Dickies were more redolent of Sparks than the Germs—and you can go on and on and on.

New Jersey's-own Dirt Bike Annie are very old school in taking inspiration primarily from pre-punk pop and rock sources. Thus melodies feel fresher, more unique and full-blooded than the re-re-recycled fare 95% of the competition is serving up. There's a sense of discovery and enthusiasm in the writing underlined in turn by the enormous spontaneity in the playing. Their performances are raw and slightly loose; it's not to the point of dishabille (it's French kids, look it up) but it's enough to give the sense that they started humming a tune and hadda run to the studio and record it immediately in their excitement. It's a million miles away from the sterile, Pro-Tools-ed assembly line pop-punk with forced jollity that is the rule nowadays.

So comparatively, yeah, this is a godsend. Oh, and there's THIRTY THREE songs here. Count 'em. A veritable box set on one disc. Can't beat that deal with a stick! [Dirtnap]

-Howard W.

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