Dirty Three CD review [Touch and Go]

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Dirty Three CD review [Touch and Go]
Feb 18, 2003, 02:31

DIRTY THREE She Has No Strings ApolloCD

A cursory listen to any of the Dirty Three's six studio recordings might imply that violinist Warren Ellis is the bands' boilermaker; but on She Has No Strings Apollo the embers burn only when they are agitated by percussionist Jim White and guitarist Mick Turner. Ellis' melodies are guided by apparitions of grandeur. While they are sublime, they sometimes hover aimlessly and are in need of a harmonic ping or string of knocks from White or Turner to spur further procession.  The songs that reach the highest peaks are those that are more purposefully structured. “Alice Wading' and “No Stranger Than That” both contain interludes where Ellis plucks rather than bows the stings on his violin. These distinct sections aren't smoothly integrated into either song but they do provide a welcome contrast to the uniformity of Ellis' sound. Turner's distorted, overdubbed, Neil Young inspired guitar solos make “Rude (and then some slight return)” another standout. But even the best tracks on She Has No Strings Apollo aren't overly compelling on their own; making this an LP that is probably best listened to in its entirety rather than in smaller portions. [Touch and Go]

- Jeffrey L. Ouch

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