Ex-Models CD review [French Kiss]

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Ex-Models CD review [French Kiss]
May 27, 2003, 03:06


EX-MODELS Zoo Psychology CD

Perhaps the easiest blanket-term comparison for NYC's Ex-Models is Brainiac. But, it's not quite that easy. Sure, the vocals leap unexpectedly into falsetto chirps and sneering yelps, the guitars are choppy, Moog-style synth sounds that course throughout and the band won't stick to a time signature longer than it can count to five-sixteenths. But, there's also degrees of Pere Ubu's free-jazz funk, Melt Banana's skewed styling and enough of its own gumption and precise musicianship to indicate that Ex-Models is capable of much more than imitation—it just happens to sound related to those bands. 15 songs in 20 minutes don't leave much to latch onto, but it certainly invites repeated listens. [French Kiss]

-Dave Clifford

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