F-Minus CD review [Hellcat/Epitaph]

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F-Minus CD review [Hellcat/Epitaph]
Mar 23, 2003, 03:56


F-MINUS Wake Up Screaming CD

Metal-tinged, vaguely political hardcore—with both male and female vocalists—that retains a sloppy, screamy, old-school feel. It's sorta like a mid-era Black Flag scrapping with anarcho-thrash panthers such as Discharge, Nausea, Detestation, etc. Lyrics mostly avoid the usual cloudy clichés about Systems and Masters in lieu of bloody paroxysms of personal angst and rage (e.g., “the world is full of shit / they love to throw you in it / and watch you drown”). It's a surprising outing for an Epitaph imprint, really, since this sort of furious, raw, quasi-crusty punk usually hides tight within its little underground lair. Looking at their pictures, though, F-Minus don't look like they pierce their eyeballs with corroded spikes. They only sound like it. [Hellcat]

-J Graham

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