Growing CD review [Kranky]

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Growing CD review [Kranky]
Sep 9, 2003, 05:37

GROWING The Sky's Run Into The Sea CD

Being predisposed towards minimalist music in general, and drone-based joints in particular, I tend to grant such outings a lot of critical leeway. But Growing don't need an inch of it! The Sky's Run Into The Sea is cunningly conceived and impeccably delivered. Unlike many offerings in this genre The Sky's Run… is multi-facetted yet thematically unified; in a relatively limited aesthetic field like this that's a mighty accomplishment.

The opening track “A Painting” revolves around a single abstruse yet handsome guitar arpeggio picked, ending, and starting—over and over again, with graceful demeanor throughout. “Life In D” is a Lamonte Young-esque droner that begins with a central, stately “thum,” then other drones fade in and out of the mix, like cirrus clouds running underneath a bank of dense cumulus. Each is pitched at strategically chosen harmonic intervals—kind of a macro-melody too slow-mo to register as a tune per se; for variation's sake, small tuneful figures coalesce than evanesce subtly but consistently throughout the piece.

Clearly, Growing is really three steps ahead of most everyone else working this game. And so on. Every cut is distinct in sound and content from the other rather than being more restatements of one artistic premise, which often is standard in the field. Pretty neat! [Kranky]

-Howard Wuelfing

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