Hangedup/Polmo Polpo CD reviews [Constellation / Matador]

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Hangedup/Polmo Polpo CD reviews [Constellation / Matador]
Sep 23, 2003, 05:40

HANGED UP Kicker In Tow CD POLMO POLPO Like Hearts Swelling CD

So many indie rock bands use string arrangements as melodic window dressing these days that it's easy to forget how abrasive a violin or viola can be. Genevieve Heistek plays viola and Eric Craven drums on the Hanged Up CD in such energetic fashion that they make it impossible to overlook their efforts. The viola cuts and weaves behind the cascade of drums all across this CD, in a manner that reminds me of a more muscular version of Pavel Fajt and Iva Bittova's duets. The chemistry between the two players and the momentum of the music totally sell this recording.

Heistek guests on Sandro Perri's second album as Polmo Polpo, which draws on a variety of stringed instruments and accordion to supplement Perri's electronics. The initial Polmo Polpo recordings were obviously inspired by minimalist techno, using a simple rhythmic pulse and melodic elements. Like Hearts Swelling, it might be argued, works from the blueprint established by other Constellation artists of a slow instrumental build up. That is an over-simplification, underneath all the “organic” instrumentation a mechanical heart pulses. And there is little build up and release, rather Perri seems to create swells of melody like tidal pools. [Constellation / Matador]

-Bruce Adams

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