Ikara Colt CD EP review [Epitaph]

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Ikara Colt CD EP review [Epitaph]
May 20, 2003, 15:44


IKARA COLT Basic Instructions CD EP

All those Sonic Youth comparisons lobbed onto Ikara Colt… and all I hear is a vocalist that sounds a lot like Thurston Moore sing-talking over pedestrian retro-80s synth-pop that's oh-so-in-vogue lately and has been “dirtied up” with some noisy guitars. I mean, kids, aren't there a couple of other synth presets to harvest? Is the antique drum machine handclap pattern really all that fresh sounding these days? This five-song teaser isn't bad, but there's not really a lot here enticing enough to indicate that the album would be much more interesting. Ikara Colt is the exciting sound of a marketing meeting. [Epitaph]

-Dave Clifford

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