Khanate CD review [Southern Lord]

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Khanate CD review [Southern Lord]
Oct 21, 2003, 03:11


KHANATE Things Viral CD

Imagine Bon Scott absolutelywasted on booze and pills, recording random vocals over incomplete AC/DC riffs and beats without noticing that the tape machine was playing the backing tracks at one-third speed. That's a rough approximation of the fantastic new band, Khanate. James Plotkin—the master-monster behind grindcore pioneers Old Lady Drivers and dark-ambient groups like Scorn, Lotus Eaters, House of Low Culture, Phantomsmasher and some gazillion other projects—is at it again. Here, as bassist in Khanate, a NYC quartet featuring other big names in the metal underground like guitarist Stephen O'Malley (Burning Witch, Sunn 0))), Lotus Eaters), vocalist Alan Dubin (also ex-OLD) and former Blind Idiot God drummer Tim Wyskida. Dubin's fantastic spit-soaked gritty yell—which bears considerable similarity to ol' Bon Scott doing his best Michael Gira impression—brings an immensely desperate urgency to the music. Meanwhile, the band crawls along at a lugubrious and punishing pace, slowly strumming guitar notes and bringing down heavy, slowed-tape drum hits at only precisely placed moments for maximum impact. It's a violent and nasty mix, for sure—particularly on the two 19-minute tracks of the 4-song album. Khanate does not “rock out,” its only aim is to induce utter catharsis in the most bitterly painful manner possible. [Southern Lord]

-Dave Clifford

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