Loren Connors CD review [Family Vineyard]

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Loren Connors CD review [Family Vineyard]
Aug 22, 2003, 04:42

LOREN CONNORS The Departing of a Dream, Vol. II  CD

I was all set to hate this on the basis of what looked like an arty black-and-white Margaret Bourke-White-ish cover photo that usually denotes music made by hackey-sack playing, pot-smoking hippies from Olympia, Washington—the sort who, when I'm forced to deal with them, try to feed me vegan stew, or bore me with chitter-chatter about the co-op they want to found in order to import fair trade coffees and hemp products. But then I looked at the name: The legendary Mister Connors, guitar atmospherics whiz, he of Table Of The Elements recordings greatness. So my brain had to do a 180 on that one. Suddenly, the cover photo became beautiful, understated, and evocative, and the packaging overall became a delightfully understated commentary on the human condition! Bless'd miracle!

Look, Connors is a fucking genius, and this disc is a marvelous display of what one guy with a guitar and a spring reverb and a lo-fi sensibility can do when he is possessed by genius. If you know his stuff, you want this. If you don't know his stuff, you should. Nothin' more to say. [Family Vineyard]

-David B. Livingstone

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