Lucinda Williams CD review [Lost Highway]

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Lucinda Williams CD review [Lost Highway]
Apr 8, 2003, 05:02


It's always amazed me that more people aren't clued into the sheer genius that is Lucinda (not that she's hurting any, keeping company with the likes of Steve Earle and playing well with the Rolling Stone set). But if there's such a thing as everywoman's music—the sound of female passion, range, and power—this is the shit. Hopping across roots styles with unparalleled agility, belting a blues song now, crooning a country number next, and never afraid to say “fuck” in the middle of a pop song, Lucinda's got grit, guts, and a mountain of talent. Besides just being a great songwriter, she's musically literate in ways that Berklee hasn't ever touched on, tapping into American aural traditions and trends in a way that few save Neil Young can touch.

And there's this disc: no, it's no Car Wheels On A Gravel Road. But what is? It is, however, a considerably grittier, more pissed outing than her last effort—rich in rage in hurt, transmuted into 13 tunes full of piss and vinegar and passion. “Minneapolis” is a country weeper that could have a home in virtually any Nashville artist's oeuvre; “Those Three Days” is a wronged-woman anthem that mops the floor with anything ten thousand Alanis Morrisettes could ever achieve. As an album, it'd make a great soundtrack to a Sam Sheperd film—richly textured, emotionally dense, surprising, impactful. Go, Lu, go. [Lost Highway]

-David B. Livingstone

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