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Majesticons CD review [Big Dada]
Feb 25, 2003, 03:54


It's not easy being a fan of Mike Ladd. The MC / poet / producer is an uncompromising gent who wields irony like a fiery torch, often resulting in records that are outweighed by their concepts.

Beauty Party is the second part of a trilogy that seeks to detail the battle between the Infesticons and the Majesticons, a battle for the heart and soul of black music and culture. This installment pits the Majesticons, (the ‘bad guys') as bling-motivated fakers of the funk, who give shout-outs to Alan Greenspan, The Rockefellers, and Bill Gates, and wrap it all up in an all-too-authentic sounding album of jiggy-osity.

This installment is even more obtuse than the first, found on The Infesticon's debut Gun Hill Road, as Beauty Party finds the Majesticons reorganizing after their defeat, relying on the newly introduced Trusticons to hip them to the world of the truly rich and powerful. So, following the formula, what's the Death Star, then—J. Lo's ass?

Ladd plays it a little too straight on some of these tracks, perhaps giving the impression that he wrapped this whole thing in rhetoric so he could reconcile his inner Bad Boy. The awful “Brain Party” tellingly nicks the chorus of the Pet Shop Boys' “Opportunities,” and you can almost hear P. Diddy wondering why he hadn't paid someone to think of that first.

A noble, if bloated, effort that you will either find enlightening and hilarious or hideously pretentious and disposable. For me, though, it's a far cry from V: The Final Battle. [Big Dada]

-James Jackson Toth

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