Megan Reilly CD review [Carrot Top]

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Megan Reilly CD review [Carrot Top]
Jun 3, 2003, 05:10


Would've liked this just fine on its own—the airy, plaintive, liquid-smooth vocals relating tales of love, life, loss, loneliness, and other L-related things; the sometimes-country/sometimes-folk/always interesting melody lines; the overall deeply personal, genuine feel to the proceedings. Y'know: You can always tell the difference between songs someone's lived and songs someone's faked—it's the difference between Hank and Hank Jr. Our Ms. Reilly falls in the former slot, and that's a great thing. Now crooning, now blues-belting, now all breathy girl-group backup, consistently soulful… shee-it, I coulda been in love (had not, of course, a jaded soul and overall apathy drained me of higher human emotions. But that's another story).

Then I noticed something else: No wonder the shit sounds so fuckin' good! Look at the pedigree: There on second guitar and slide, the magnificent Mr. Tim Foljahn, he of Two Dollar Guitar greatness (and if you don't own his/their three discs, Burned And Buried, Let Me Bring You Down, and the masterpiece Weak Beats and Lame-Ass Rhymes, you're missing out on a complete life). And MEKON, Steve Goulding, manning the traps. Talk about rock-solid talent… with a lineup like this, you couldn't help but bat 1.000. Arc Of Tessa should be sitting on your shelf right next to your Lucinda, and it should be brought out to weave its magic on rainy afternoons, after late nights at the corner bar, and while otherwise locked into the blurry emotional mess that is real life. Might not help it all make sense, but it'll help keep it real. Good 'un. [Carrot Top ]

-David B. Livingstone

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