Modey Lemon CD review [Bridman]

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Modey Lemon CD review [Bridman]
Aug 19, 2003, 14:35


MODEY LEMON Thunder + Lightning CD

With the possible exception of 25 Suaves, there may be no other duo capable of shoving more red meat down your throat than Modey Lemon. Thunder + Lightning is a non-stop barrage of guitar and keyboard riffs chugging full-throttle alongside the percussive stylings of King Kong, coming off like Pink Fairies or Deep Purple working through decades of pent-up frustration. The singer's voice has a great scraped larynx sound that—dare I say it—sounds a bit like Bleach-era Cobain. Their songs tend to deal with tremendous forces conspiring against them: Zeus, electric sorcerers, the elements, women. They don't mix the formula up much and it sure as hell ain't subtle (what do you expect from a group that includes a pencil sketch of the drummer's 18” and 22” floor toms on their lyric sheet?), but when there are few forces on Earth capable of stopping you, why bother? [Birdman]

-David Wilcox

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