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Mr. Dibbs CD review [Rhymesayers]
Mar 3, 2003, 15:07

MR. DIBBS The 30th Song CD

Mr. Dibbs is a producer / turntablist who's been on the scene for over a decade. A founder of the Legendary 1200 Hobos turntable crew, he's probably best known nowadays as the DJ for emo rap superstars Atmosphere, the group fronted by indie hip hop's first heartthrob, Slug. 

Dibbs's turntable scientifics will impress anyone who thought DJ Shadow ran the game, but Dibbs also manages to allow this mostly instrumental album to coalesce into something that goes beyond mere mixtape fodder.

Try “Captain Splatter Patty” for innovative use of the decks—a battle-ready slow crawl, which uses an instructional record to narrate a fancy showing of turntable skills, rife with dynamics. The schizophrenic, sample heavy “Red Out” is an epileptic tour of parts unknown that never allows you to settle into one groove before hitting you with another. The hard-banging “Judeas Transmission” is gabba in slow motion, while “Thrice,” featuring Slug, is an abstract number with phoned-in vocals a la Bad Brains's “Sacred Love,” completed by rain samples and mournful acoustic guitar.

More surprising than Mr. Dibbs's attempts at eclecticism is his ratio of successes to failures. With The 30th Song, Mr. Dibbs speaks with his hands, but the messages are transmitted from the heart of an unapologetic music fan. Nice. [Rhymesayers Entertainment]

-James Jackson Toth

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