Need New Body CD review [File 13]

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Need New Body CD review [File 13]
Sep 16, 2003, 16:04



Need New Body is something like Fat Albert's band for the indie-rock set. The Philadelphia art-prankster sextet gathers a hodgepodge of weirdo characters playing junkyard gadgets and haphazardly-constructed instruments. Its primary element is percussion, and every song is based around a frame of clicks, claps, rings, crashes, chirps and howls. But, the catchy and quirky psychedelia of Captain Beefheart weighs heavily in the mix as well. The vocals are often nonsensical jabs at dada-yammer and/or inside-jokes presented as a party-line manifesto. Overall, the musicianship is playful and precise, and the songs are crafty and catchy—not just dicking around like most bands of their ilk. But the thrill of NNB is when the strange ensemble locks down on a groove like an antique machine run amok. UFO offers up 23 tracks of sometimes frantic grooves, sometimes sober acoustic guitar strums, sometimes 21st Century devolved pop. Hey, hey, hey…it's Need New Body! [File 13]

-Dave Clifford

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