Nina Nastasia CD review [Touch and Go]

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Nina Nastasia CD review [Touch and Go]
Jun 3, 2003, 16:28



Nina Nastasia is to Corey Rusk (Touch and Go) what Chan Marshall is to Gerard Cosloy (Matador). That is, the different approaches yet comparable rosters of their respective labels illustrate each individual's ambitions. While Chan's Cat Power has a much broader audience appeal, Nina Nastasia's music is equally as emotionally-wrought and powerful, albeit more esoteric and dark. So, it's a shame that this album, like her debut, will likely fall by the wayside in the gushing rush to fawn over Cat Power's equally impressive album. Fans of Mazzy Star and/or Opal would love Run to Ruin, but it's her penchant for Nick Drake's suffocated strings adorning the claustrophobic intimacy of her vocals and guitar playing that makes this a truly compelling album. Name-checkers will be impressed that Steve Albini and Iain Burgess recorded the album and several indie mainstays performed the songs. [Touch and Go]

-Dave Clifford

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