No Trend CD review [Touch and Go]

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No Trend CD review [Touch and Go]
Jan 21, 2003, 16:32


NO TREND Tritonian Nash-Vegas Polyester Complex CD

No Trend was a scraggly, druggy messy mess of a band from DC during the hardcore heyday of the early 80s. So, suffice to say, it didn't garner much attention for its Pere Ubu meets Frank Zappa sound, what with all that “discord” going on right next door. While I'd like to say they were a much over looked breed of weird psych-punk, No Trend was completely outdone by Maryland neighbors United Mutation—who fiercely rocked with their twisted mesh of Captain Beefheart, MC5 and the Germs. As they were out-arted by Saccharine Trust, and out-weirded by Meat Puppets. Their gallant attempts to derail the suburban white boy machismo of hardcore with clever, studied musicianship are to be appreciated, but in looking back at this reissue of its 1986 album No Trend sounds evermore clearly irrelevant rather than irreverent. [Touch and Go]

-Dave Clifford

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