Pinback CD EP review

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Pinback CD EP review
Jun 10, 2003, 03:25



How did Pinback get so popular without a huge label and MTV? Some say that the band led by former Heavy Vegetable and Thingy guitarist/vocalist Rob Crow and ex-Three Mile Pilot bassist Armistad Smith IV is a favorite amongst computer geeks worldwide, and through file-sharing and 'net chatter the band's become huge. Whatever the case may be, Pinback's spacey plinking and hummable melodies are (naturally) reminiscent of both songwriters' former bands, but also stroll into the quirky pop territories of Built to Spill, Elliott Smith and the early stripped-pop of the Cure.

“Microtonic Tone” kicks things off with the signature staccato arpeggios of Three Mile Pilot as Crow kicks in with a delicate whisper and simple piano line. From there, the band dabbles in bits of electronica blips and blots, annoying cross-fades of soundscapes and mini-riffs, and playful Weezer-esque pop. It all sounds well and good, but Pinback's perky indie pop just brings to mind horrific visions of college radio DJ dorks and milquetoast indie rockers bopping around their bedrooms like Muppets… and, that in a nutshell is what makes it all the more hard for me when faced with the notion of taking this kind of music seriously. [Absolutely Kosher]

-Dave Clifford

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