Pram CD review [Merge]

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Pram CD review [Merge]
Apr 8, 2003, 05:08


PRAM Dark Island CD

Not as dark as the title might imply, the latest sojourn through Pram's screwy li'l mind is actually more happy than haunted. These twinkly merry-go-round songs are like rides in the lost children's carnival, with toy pianos, keyboards, whistles, mini-xylophones and other miscellaneous noise-makers twirling in dizzy circles while vocalist Rosie Cuckston whispers and cuckoos. It's as scary as The Munsters. Which ain't bad. This is a fun daytrip through a midway trimmed with playfully morbid sonic tchotchkes, maybe not as clanky and cantankerous as some earlier Pram releases, but a nice diversion from the main road nonetheless. [Merge]

-J Graham

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