Radiohead CD review [Capitol]

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Radiohead CD review [Capitol]
Jun 10, 2003, 05:22

RADIOHEAD Hail To The Thief CD

I continually wonder what became of Radiohead, the band which wrote “Creep” and “The Bends”—two of the most awe-inspiring poprock toons of the last decade. They seem to have been replaced by Radiohead, the Thom Yorke vehicle for expository public neurosis and relentless introspection. Is that all bad? Not hardly; Yorke's been reliably adventurous in his musical meanderings, and even if Kid A fell on my ears like a truckload of damp gravel, I had to respect Yorke & Co.'s willingness to push themselves, steering away from the easy path of rewriting “Creep” ad infinitum. Hail still doesn't proffer any of those Bends-ish moments of sublime pop that it was so easy to get addicted to for a while—in fact, we get Frippertronics and boatloads of angst instead. But it's also a brilliant disc, and one that well could have been made by a completely different band; I'm hard pressed to think of any other act of the last twenty years which has been so successful in repeatedly reinventing itself. Think of the difference between Meet The Beatles and Abbey Road in terms of style, and consider all the stopping points in between. That's the track Radiohead are on. Talk about respectable. [Capitol]

-David B. Livingstone

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