Ratos De Porao CD review [Alternative Tentacles]

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Ratos De Porao CD review [Alternative Tentacles]
Jan 21, 2003, 03:33


RATOS DE PORAO Onisciente Coletivo CD

The Brazilian thrash-punk team returns with another furtive fifteen-minute blast of metallic grind and cheeky Chomsky politics. In so doing, Ratos De Porao further fuels Jello Biafra's self-congratulatory delusion that hardcore punk is somehow an organic outgrowth of every culture worldwide rather than yet another version of American cultural imperialism that Alternative Tentacles fosters foreign bands for “returning the gift” by singing about politically correct subjects. The album is produced by Alex Newport and sounds excellent. The songs are forceful and reminiscent of mid-80s thrashcore like DRI, COC and Ugly Americans. And everything seems on the level… assuming you or I are particularly interested in what Brazilian hardcore sounds like these days. But I just can't get over the apparently ironic insert booklet photo of two Brazilian tribal natives eating MacDonald's hamburgers—isn't that EXACTLY what Ratos De Porao are doing by playing American style hardcore punk? [Alternative Tentacles]

-Dave Clifford

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