Razorcake #1 FANZINE review

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Razorcake #1 FANZINE review
Feb 1, 2003, 04:04

RAZORCAKE Issue #1 Fanzine

With no new issue of Flipside in many, many months it appears that recent rumblings of its death may not be exaggerated. Todd Taylor, former Flipside employee, and in my opinion one of the few bright stars to contribute something of value to its pages in recent years, explains what happened from his point of view and why he left. Now Razorcake, a new publication Taylor formed with friend and fellow writer Sean Carswell, appears poised to take over the Southern California mantle Flipside dominated for the better part of the last 20-plus years. Razorcake will do well for itself though to maintain more of a narrow editorial focus. There's some good interviews here (Causey Way and Shawn Stern of Youth Brigade/BYO) and some of the columns are well written and entertaining. Only one writer stands out as weak and clueless—it happens with all publications that give eager, enthusiastic people a shot. I think that so long as the majority of Razorcake's content is created by Sean and Todd we can expect some really, really good stuff to come along—though if they follow the Flipside process the end product will be diluted by the “community.” Issue #1 definitely holds a lot of promise, and even though my taste in music doesn't always match to Taylor's I think he writes with one of the more original voices we've heard in the last five or so years. In fact—and I know I'm not alone in this opinion—he reminds me a lot of the late Sean McDonald. Razorcake's an appropriate moniker. Todd's pen is capable of razor-like writing and Carswell's no slouch either. [PO Box 42124, Los Angeles, CA 90042 and or their web site which features alternate content: www.razorcake.com]

-Peter Davis

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