RM74 CD review [Domizil]

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RM74 CD review [Domizil]
Sep 20, 2003, 05:11


RM74 Instabil CD

Bespectacled Swiss musician Reto Mäder (a.k.a. “the Buddy Holly of laptop music”) sews together a seemingly improvised net of sounds that crackle, squelch and sputter like the staticky output from a particularly faulty short-wave radio. It's admirably noisy and rough, at times even downright nasty. Unlike simple glitch technicians, though, Mäder actually writes “real” music on occasion, such as the track “Schamassel,” within which a piano bobs and drifts upon a casual stream of notes. Still, Instabil is more notable for its degraded fidelities and dirty, manipulated tones than its compositional elements, which are few. Recommended primarily for fans of abstract glitchery and post-industrial fuzz-bursts. [Domizil]

-J Graham

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