Rye Coalition CD EP review [Tiger Style]

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Rye Coalition CD EP review [Tiger Style]
Feb 18, 2003, 03:39



Folks, please cool it with inane shit like, “Rye Coalition is all about the rock.” I mean, DUH! In addition to the rock, Rye Coalition is all about WILL. It is all about the will to pummel with guitars, drums and voice. It is all about the will to decimate all the bullshit that passes for rock music these days. Rye Coalition is NOT a retro-rock band. It is not a group of AC/DC and The Jesus Lizard fetishists—those just happen to be two shining archetypes of the power and simplicity of rock music, which Rye Coalition has taken on as examples by which to live. And, Rye Coalition—bless their souls—enter stage left, carrying the torch of all things denigrated as lunk-headed and lowbrow to prove that the underground music world has its head so far up its own ass that it has become as tepid and bland as 70's AM radio.

This seven song EP (featuring 1 song from the On Top album, 2 tracks from a limited edition 7”) and hilarious animated video is one such perfect example of the Jersey City quintet at its finest. Vocalist Ralph Cuseglio channels the tongue-in-cheeky lyrical puns of Bon Scott and delivers them with the screaming fury of David Yow. Guitarists Jon Gonnelli and Herb Wiley find the perfect interaction of Angus/Malcolm barre-chord riffs and Tom Verlaine/Richard Lloyd astute melody defies the simplistic harmonic rationale of modern punk rock. Drummer Dave Leto and Justin Morey frame it all with the greasy ease of Grand Funk Railroad and the furtive crunch of Scratch Acid. Possibly one of the band's best songs of all time, “Paradise By the Marlboro Light” is an amazing amalgam of cross-referenced melodies and lyrics (“Hey Sally Ride/Can I be your space guy?/ Whatever gets you through the night”) that defines the vast palette of pop culture intertextuality from which the band draws. Similar to the cynical inspiration Vice magazine takes from the world around us, Rye Coalition recognizes the glory within simple things and transforms them into transcendence. Can't wait for their Dreamworks debut in spring 2004. [Tiger Style]

-Dave Clifford

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