Sicbay CD review [54-40 or Fight]

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Sicbay CD review [54-40 or Fight]
Feb 18, 2003, 05:17


SICBAY Overreaction Time CD

Nick Sakes and Ed Rodriguez—one-half of Skin Graft alums Colossamite—completely realign their style on this 12-song album with their new group, Sicbay. Where Colossamite was an ugly, lunging punch of post-Jesus Lizard scrudge, Sicbay is tight, refined, polite. Nick Sakes' vocals still have a throaty force to them on occasion, but he calms down to melodic and conversational whispers when the music slows to a strolling pace. And the broken-sawtooth guitars which gave Colossamite its unnerving power are here polished off to pristine, glassy slants and angles. Sorta mathy, even sorta emo at times. Needless to say, it's not all up in your grill like Colossamite often was, which means one will either appreciate its thoughtful distance—or feel completely free to ignore it out of boredom, like me. [54º 40' or Fight!]

-J Graham

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