Simply Saucer CD review [Sonic Unyon]

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Simply Saucer CD review [Sonic Unyon]
May 20, 2003, 06:18

SIMPLY SAUCER Cyborgs Revisited CD

Somewhere between the death of The Stooges and the birth of The Ramones came four Canadians who went by the name Simply Saucer. Obviously influenced by heavy doses of The Velvet Underground, Detroit, and Krautrock, Simply Saucer would create some of the greatest proto-punk never to be released during the lifetime of the band. It took fifteen years until the band's material would see a proper, but limited release in 1989 on Mole Sound Recording. Understanding that Cyborgs Revisited needed to continue to be heard Sonic Unyon has taken on the task of issuing a comprehensive look at the band's limited catalog including the complete Mole Sound record with additional demo and live material. How the band managed to fly under the radar without having a greater impact is beyond comprehension. You'd have no problem tracing a huge chunk of the Ptolemaic Terrascope scene directly back to the Simply Saucer sound, and that's only scratching the surface in terms of giving Simply Saucer the respect they deserve. Do yourself a favor and grab this before it goes out of print again because if you don't you'll be sorry. [Sonic Unyon]

-Troy Brookins

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