Sincebyman CD review [Revelation]

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Sincebyman CD review [Revelation]
Feb 4, 2003, 01:44

SINCEBYMAN We Sing The Body Electric CD

Milwaukee's Sincebyman hath wrought a mash-up of rambunctious punk & bench-pressed metal, knitted into unity with some math-rock suturing. It's weighty enough to qualify as “metal” straight-up, but frankly practitioners thereof seem instinctually to throw in at least one moment of unquestionably embarrassing frou frou, either musically, lyrically or dramaturgically. There's no none of that here. There's not even overmuch soloing.

What there's of plenty is big, clangorous guitar work executed fleetly. This is then strategically inter-cut with arduous yet svelte segments marked by cross-rhythmatic compound-time signatures and fearless key jumping melodic acrobatics. This lot keeps ya guessing! These passages are consistently kept brief and pointed and never wax tedious or self-indulgent. Crucially, Sincebyman are speedy but not to the extent of blurring their content. They're careful to take the time they need to state a song's structural laments distinctly. And that's a good thing, coz a lotta the changes are on the ambitious and slightly abstruse side, and take a minute to absorb and appreciate in their full, subtle complexity.

We Sing The Body Electric would make a perfect gift for your Disturbed-worshipping nephew to wean 'em off the pabulum and onto something tougher and more substantial. Just keepin' it real, ya'll. [Revelation]

-Howard W.

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