(Smog) DVD review [Drag City]

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(Smog) DVD review [Drag City]
Mar 18, 2003, 04:20

(SMOG) Supper CD

If some are of the opinion that (Smog) hasn't made a good record since 1997's Red Apple Falls, Supper may be the record that finally redeems Bill Callahan to the haters.

From the countrified “Feather by Feather” (which offers lyrics like “When they make the movie of your life / They're going to have to ask you / to do your own stunts / Because nobody nobody nobody / Could pull off the same shit as you / and still come out alright”) to the hopeful “Guiding Light” (which recalls past glories such as “Chosen One”), Supper shows Callahan in top form.

Only when Callahan rocks out, as on “Morality, which nicks it's opening from a hundred classic rock songs, are the results dreary, mostly because Callahan has not yet figured out that these cheap shots are well below him. Better is the almost Versus-esque “Butterflies Drowned in Wine,” on which he sounds renewed, or on the seven-minute plus “Truth Serum,” a duet with Sarabeth Tucek that ranks among Callahan's finest moments.  (Smog) has made a career of resting on his laurels just long enough for you to count him out, only to come back with a stunning return to form. Supper is almost such a triumph, and, at the very least, an overdue reminder of Callahan's unmatched talent as a lyricist and storyteller. For most folks, that's good enough. [Drag City]

-James Jackson Toth

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