Static Taxi CD review [Birdman]

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Static Taxi CD review [Birdman]
Apr 15, 2003, 20:42

STATIC TAXI Closer 2 Normal CD

Static Taxi was Bob Stinson's other band; first, this was a respite from The Replacements and then, his berth after departing their ranks.

What's on display on Closer 2 Normal is playfulness and irony; playing with various styles and formulas rather then immersion in or transcending them. Static Taxi's approach is very reactive, querulous and sometimes downright silly. Many tracks are quite bumpy with abrupt stops and starts aplenty. Some songs are modular constructs with glaring juxtapositions pushed front and center. You're hearing the sound of smart boys poking fun at a dumb world, both society at large as well as rock culture as it'd crystallized; arena rock as you'd expect but post-punk orthodoxies as well.

“Max Factor” is the most blazing track and if Static Taxi had followed this path they could have given Replacement fans the redux of early, wild-eyed 'Mats so longed for once the group moved to Sire Records. But Static Taxi weren't after anything so obvious. Throughout, Stinson's guitar work is consistently sharp and adept, his lead lines adroitly skipping 'round cliché. In short, a lost master at work. [Birdman]

-Howard Wuelfing

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