Stereototal CD reviews [Kill Rock Stars]

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Stereototal CD reviews [Kill Rock Stars]
Nov 4, 2003, 20:54


If you dig “cute” then the domestic issues of these mid-90's discs by the Franco-Deutsch duo Stereo Total is a motherload. And even though vocalist Francoise Cactus came from a punk background and instrumentalist Brezel Goering from tape collage experimentalism, once they joined forces they gave themselves wholeheartedly to exultant, unmitigated kitsch.

Lots of ricky-ticky backing tracks here, masking-taped together out of Toys R Us keyboard lines and tinny, clickety rhythm tracks—it's like, uh, TOTALLY DIY proto electro-pop. These numbers alternate with punk-by-numbers cuts resplendent in spluttery hi-endy fuzz guitar ram-a-lama. In both cases the tunes presented are shiny and bright and brief in a nursery rhyme style… Plastic Betrtrand and “M” would get misty over these.

The songs are rendered in German, French, occasionally Japanese, even English respectively. For most American listeners (since we're the only nation whose population is primarily mono-lingual… arrogant dumb-fucks that we are) this underlines both the universality of the pop experience and its lack of significant meaning means we won't care that the songs' import is lost on us. These CDs could be lifestyle accessories, either ironic or iconic. Take your pick. [Kill Rock Stars]

-Howard Wuelfing

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