Tangiers CD review [Sonic Unyon]

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Tangiers CD review [Sonic Unyon]
Mar 18, 2003, 04:47

TANGIERS Hot New Spirits CD

Looking backward is all the rage. For some displaced folks, the prospect of the electronic renaissance, with its pink robots and analogue bubble baths, is of no great comfort. For these tenacious traditionalists, there exists no great shortage of rock and roll history to pilfer from. To the untrained ear (and sometimes to the trained one) these bands who shamelessly ape their aesthetic forbearers are indistinguishable, and it's a good bet that the Datsuns and Witnesses of today are merely the Sloans and St Johnny's of the cut-out bin tomorrow.

Tangiers are a Canadian rock and roll combo featuring several members of garage rock greats The Deadly Snakes. Synthesizing Attractions-styled goofiness with Some Girls swagger, Tangiers's multiple vocal approach brings a fiery sort of life to a familiar sound. At its best, it's as groovy as the Gories and fun as Figgs; at its worst, it's hard to convince yourself that it isn't Hot Hot Heat or some other terrible fucking band.

Still, it's hard to hate on the frantic swagger of the angular “Here Come The Pieces,” one of a handful of tracks that lends a modern, almost Dischord-ish edge to the proceedings, keeping things fresh throughout the album's short duration. [Sonic Unyon]

-James Jackson Toth

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