The Bled CD review [Fiddler]

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The Bled CD review [Fiddler]
Jul 29, 2003, 17:58


THE BLED Pass the Flask CD

In the wake of At the Drive In and the myriad kandy-Korn productions of Ross Robinson, a new metallic screamo genre has emerged. You know: the chugga-chiggity riffs, scorched-throat vocals and overabundance of double-bass drum triplet farts paired up with borderline goth parts and soaring emo breaks that would make both Sunny Day Real Estate and Samiam blush. And, oh how The Bled looks the part—pouting pretty in black t-shirts with shaggy emo haircuts. But, the thing is—they're really good, if not entirely original. The Bled could just as well be In Flames as it could be a metallic Blood Brothers. Despite its marketing-meets-marketing sound, its songs are really catchy. My biggest criticism is that the vocalist always does that irritating “wha” sound proceeding each screamed word (i.e. the line, “let's set our hearts on self-destruct” sounds like “whet's whet whour whearts on whelf-destruct”) that all the neo-hardcore bands have adopted. But whatever, Pass the Flask is a consistent blast of epic melodies counterbalanced with muscular riffs and rhythm shifts that are likely to land them on MTV soon. [Fiddler]

-Dave Clifford

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